Tasting the Moon is an animated documentary exploring the internal reality of three contemporary female artists in Afghanistan. In this segment, Shamsia explains her metaphorical use with fish.

A girl's internal monologue inspired by Japanese psychological games - Kokology games. Starring Jessika Van.
Original Gamelan soundtrack co-written with Matthew Clough-Hunter.

D&AD 2008 music video entry. 'Pigsy in Space' track by Damon Albarn & Jamie Hewlett.

As the human flower blooms, her arms unfolds, symbolizing the process of letting go as we progress in life.
Original Soundtrack by David Scarr.

An experimental short which reflects the cultural alienation I experienced in Hong Kong, as well as my desire to escape. Original soundtrack by James Bacon & Millie Gaum.

My first animation during my student days, back in 2006.